The course applies basic concepts related to databases. In particular, using the course you will repeat knowledge learned so far and consolidate issues related to databases, including primarily relational databases.

E-learning course presents information about the environment and global warming. It contains basic information about the environment and about basic legislation with regard to environmental protection. The course includes characteristic of water environment, atmosphere composition and geological structure of the Earth. It contains information about waste, noise and radiation in the environment. There are described therein ecosystems of the world, biological diversity, cycles of selected elements in environment and energy sources. It includes information about greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change.

This course introduces the student to the issues related to environmental protection and European Union law concerning the environment and its protection. The scope of the course includes 13 e-learning lessons as well as 2 exams.

Course objectives 

-        To familiarize students with rules used in object-oriented design and development of computer application.

-        Knowledge regarded applying the basic features of object-oriented.

Preliminary requirements

-        Basic ability of programming.

-        The ability of logical and creative thinking.

The scope of the course
  1. 1. Legal aspects of work protection as well as rights and responsibilities of employers and employees.
  2. 2. Occupational hazard factors in the working environment that are dangerous for human health and life as well as ways to eliminate such factors.
  3. 3. Accidents at work, post-accident investigation procedures, first aid, occupational diseases.
  4. 4. OHS and ergonomics at a computer workstation.
  5. 5. Occupational risk assessment. Occupational health and safety management.